The Batengteng: De La Salle Health Sciences Institute – College of Rehabilitation and Sciences Students’ Dread

The Batengteng: De La Salle Health Sciences Institute – College of Rehabilitation and Sciences Students’ Dread. When you were in college, you probably feared something specific in your alma mater. Ours was the Batengteng

When you were in college, you probably feared something specific in your alma mater. It can be the exams, a certain professor, or maybe a room at the end of the hall. In our case, it is the batengteng. It is every De La Salle Health Sciences Institute – College of Rehabilitation and Sciences students’ dread. If you want to know why then keep on reading.




 The Batengteng

The horrid object is a makeshift gong made out of an old fire extinguisher covered in white paint with a stainless steel to hit it. During practical exams of Physical Therapy students, also known as OSPEs, the batengteng is the cue for the students to move on to the next activity or station. And boy, every examinee gets shook to the core every time they hear the appalling sound. They would scramble through what they are currently doing and face the next station while anticipating the next time the proctor rings this object of a nightmare. You can hear it even outside the Wang building where they conduct the exams and when students walking by hear it, they know something is happening.


Although all Physical Therapy examinees fear the batengteng because of the sheer panic it causes, it also serves as a great tool to enhance the focus and decision making of the students, which are crucial in our field.


At the end of the day, all Physical Therapy graduates of De La Salle Health Sciences Institute are grateful for the batengteng because aside from it becoming an awesome college memory, it also played a role in carving us into the best that we can be as practitioners in our field of work today.


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Fit n’ Fly: Awesome Filipina Flight Attendant Balancing Flying and Staying Fit

Awesome Filipina Flight Attendant Balancing Flying and Staying Fit. Let nothing hinder you from being the fittest you can be.

Working as a flight attendant, having a regular schedule is next to impossible. That is why sometimes it can be difficult to keep fitness activities like going to the gym or taking classes. I mean come on; when your office is 10,000 ft. above sea level, having different flight schedules every month, not to mention being in different places every week, it can be tricky. That is why I salute Michelle Garcia for being an awesome Filipina flight attendant balancing flying and staying fit. Let me tell you how she did it.




The Awesome Filipina Flight Attendant

Michelle Garcia is a 24-year-old flight attendant and is an amazing mom to her adorable daughter. She developed a passion for fitness as she realized the importance of having a healthier lifestyle. We have known each other for a while but she hesitated to enroll for my services because of her hectic schedule, she did not think visiting the gym and working out with me would work for her, but eventually we have found the perfect program to fit her busy life. She enrolled in my Online Fitness Coaching Program and she is very much satisfied, matter of fact, she wrote a testimony about her experience being in my program.


The Testimony

In Michelle’s testimony, she mentioned her reasons for not getting into a fitness program, which I have mentioned above, but then she went on and expressed her gratefulness that we have found the program to compliment her hectic schedule. Online Fitness Coaching Program does not require her to workout with me all the time. First, I would assess her capabilities; strength, flexibility, speed, and endurance then I would create a workout plan for her every week specifically designed for her and she could do these moves whenever she has time and wherever she can. Then we would meet at least once a month so I could check on her progress.


It really fits me, in a way that I workout depending on my availability while on the side I have online coach with me.”


The lovely flight attendant also expressed her appreciation for having a personal trainer.

Getting a personal trainer can really transform your health and fitness efforts. You can really get the best results if it comes with dedication and of course a trainer who will be there to guide you along the way.”


She said that she felt motivated all the time and the program helped her do fitness activities that she thought she could not do. She also went on and said that the whole experience felt very personal and she was glad to see and feel the changes in her body.

“Coach Bond was a great match for me. He helped me to outline my specific goals and guided me throughout the process without pushing me too hard. It was a very personal journey for me, my fitness improved leaps and bounds, and my body shape changed but more importantly, I noticed a huge change in how I feel about myself.”


Michelle Garcia, a flight attendant, a mother, and now a fitness enthusiast, finished her testimony saying that she now feels more confident, lighter, sexier, and healthier which was the goal all along and I could not be happier with her progress.


I am proud that I am one of Coach Bond’s students. One thing Coach Bond has taught me is that he made fitness a permanent part of my lifestyle. It works for me and I believe it will work on you too.”


I hope that Michelle’s story inspired you, an amazing Filipina flight attendant balancing flying and staying fit. If you wish to have the same successful fitness story like Michelle, please do not hesitate to contact me. You can reach me through my contact number (0917-521-3929) or my email address (christophermartinbond@gmail.com) and you can follow my social media platforms (FB: www.facebook.com/BondsOptimalFitness/ IG: @coachbondph) for updates. I wish to meet you soon and to be part of your fitness journey. Stay fit and fly!

Pain Pain Go Away: Common “Office Work” Muscular Pains and How to relieve them

You might think that having a desk job or an office job will not take that much of a toll on your body but guess again. Here are common “office work” muscular pains and how to relieve them.


Pain Pain Go Away 2


When you are in front of a computer all day, receiving emails, answering phone calls, making reports, and more, it can be very taxing on your upper body, but do not fret! I will provide you with remedies that you can do to make them go away.


1. Back Pain


Pain Pain Go Away Back Pain

Usually, when you sit for too long you tend to slouch. Poor posture causes back pains (whether upper, middle, lower or a combination of the three) because it puts a lot of pressure on your spine and muscles.


What to do:

  • Upper and Middle Back: Relax your shoulders, roll them forward, together with your neck bending (almost to a bowing gesture), then roll your shoulders back to straighten your back and tuck your chin (military position). Keep repeating these movements until you feel you upper and middle back releasing tension.
  • Lower Back: Twist your torso to the left side while your hands are on the armrest hold this position for 5-10 seconds. Then do the same to the other side.


2. Neck Pain


Young Businesswoman Suffering From Neckache


Desk jobs can be a pain in the neck, literally. Our heads’ average weight is 12 pounds, so if you have it hanging over your desk for hours it will strain your neck and will cause pain.


What to do:

  • Put your neck on its neutral position then slowly bend it then extend. Hold this position for 5- 10 seconds.
  • Bend your neck to the side with your hand gently pushing it until you feel a slight pull. Hold this position for 5-10 seconds then repeat the same movement on the other side.
  • Rotate your neck clockwise then counter clockwise.


3. Shoulder Pain


Pain Pain Go Away Shoulder Pain


The shoulders help you move your arms and do activities. Now, these complex parts of your body are composed of different muscles and joints. When they are at an awkward position for long periods repetitively, like for example: using the computer, it can cause pain.


What to do:

  • Shoulder shrug (bring your shoulder to your ear) then roll your shoulders forwards and backwards
  • Stretch your arms forward, intertwine your fingers; slowly move your hands above your head, stretch upwards until you feel a slight pull on your shoulders.


4. Chest Pain


Young bussinesman having stressful day at the office


Poor posture can also strain your chest area. It is not as common back pains for office workers but it really does happen. Although, chest pains may be a symptom of something more serious, it is encouraged to have it checked right away once you feel it so that you would know how to treat it.



Ten reps for 2-3 sets are applicable for all the movements or stretches mentioned above. Always remember that it is important to get accurate diagnosis of your symptoms. Visit your doctor to keep your body in check.


I hope that this article about common “office work” muscular pains and how to relieve them was helpful for you. If you wish to know more about how to take good care of your body or wants to pursue a healthier/fitter lifestyle feel free to contact me. You can reach me through my contact number (0917-521-3929) or my email address (christophermartinbond@gmail.com) and you can follow my social media platforms (FB: www.facebook.com/BondsOptimalFitness/ IG: @coachbondph) for updates. Stay fit and healthy!



     Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of our spine. The curve can be classified as “C-shaped” or “S-shaped” depending on the X-Ray results. This happens in childhood which is mostly genetics. Most young adults can have mild scoliosis due to muscle imbalance and posture/functional related activities together with Calcium deficiency. What’s worse is that as we age, scoliosis increases. Question is how can we do to prevent this? As a fitness coach, here are some of my best exercises you can do at home:


WIPER STRETCH – Stand in front of a wall, raise both arms up. Crawl your hands going to the Right side until you feel a mild stretch and hold for 30 seconds then crawl back to the neutral position. Repeat this for 5 times then do the same on the Left.

CAT/DOG SIDE STRETCH – position yourself on all fours (both hands and knees on the mat) with spine in neutral. Move your hands going to the Right side until you feel a mild stretch and hold for 30 seconds then crawl your hands going to the Left side until you feel that mild stretch on the opposite side. Repeat again for 5 times on both sides.

ONE ARM AND LEG REACH – while on all fours, raise your Right arm and Left leg at the same time and hold for 2 seconds (do it slowly as you may have difficulty in balancing). Repeat this for 10 times, 2 sets. Do the same on the opposite, Left arm and Right leg up.


      You can double the stretch depending on curve. If for example your spine is curved to the left, do the Wiper and Cat/Dog Side Stretch more on the Right side than Left. It is still best when you stretch both. You just add the repetitions and count so as to balance the flexibility of muscles and ligaments.


      If you suspect scoliosis is present or if you have a strength training program which requires heavy lifting (for regular gym goers), you should consult your Orthopedic doctor for the appropriate action. Exercise with people having scoliosis can help prevent/maintain further aggravation of the curved spine.



* For further inquiries, you can reach me at christophermartinbond@gmail.com or pm me at my facebook page BOND’S Optimal Fitness.


     beginner-treadmill-workoutEver wonder why you’re still not losing weight or worse, gaining those pounds eventhough you did aerobic exercises such as running, jogging or even zumba? Most people do cardio these days and even participate in Fun Runs and Marathons. YES, you can lose those extra calories but a lot of factors must be taken into consideration on why some individuals are having a hard time being successful in that aspect. Here are some:

●FOOD INTAKE – “What you are is what you eat!” This saying says it all. If you love eating fast food especially after a good cardio then most likely you’ll gain those pounds instead of losing them since they are packed with calories. Try opting for fruits and vegetables as they are high in fiber.

●EXERCISE – Having a physical activity for atleast 3 times a week will help you lose weight. Increasing your cardiovascular activity gradually or doing strength training will boost up your metabolism therefore you’ll burn more calories.

●SLEEP – atleast six hours is more appropriate so your body can fully recover after a good cardio or exercise. Sleeping less than required may cause weakness and easy fatigability.

     Always remember that doing cardio is very important. Not only it is good for the heart but it will help you lose weight if you follow the guidelines above.



Do you want to have a healthy lifestyle but got no time to hit the gym because of your busy schedule? Fear not. The most easiest and cost efficient exercise is simple… WALKING. We are in a world where everything is fast paced. Whether driving your vehicle going to your workplace, ordering your favorite food via phone call or choosing your favorite item and have it delivered right at your doorstep. Walking these days are very limited. Here are the things that you’ll benefit from walking:

● Weight loss – when walking, you increase your heart rate, and your body temperature. Your heart rate goes up and that’s the time where you’ll burn those calories. You can burn more if you walk for long periods or do brisk walking.

● Reduce risk of high blood pressure –  especially for adults, walking is recommended since it is not a high impact activity. Be cautious in walking to places if there is a high temperature rate (just to avoid heat stroke).

● Tone leg muscles – you can actually have toned legs when walking most especially your CALF muscles. Your thigh muscles can tone too depending if you walk on an ascending/descending surface such as stairs.

● It Boosts energy and metabolism – this happens normally when you are in a hurry.

 Stronger bones and joints – walking early in the morning around 7 or 8 am is a great way to improve bone and joint integrity. The sun emits rays that activates the Vitamin D in our body to channel the calcium to our bones.

● Relieves stress – where a simple walk in a park or a place that you really like to go eliminates stress and depression. You’ll really feel good afterwards.



received_10153612631950963With Sleep, Stress, Genetics, Workout Program and most especially what you Eat play a role in how your body works and how you feel. If you still can’t seem to drop that stubborn body fat, then consider how the supplement whey protein may help.


Whey protein is a mixture of globular proteins isolated from whey, the liquid material created as a by-product of cheese production. Whey protein is commonly marketed as a dietary supplement, and various health claims have been attributed to it in the alternative medicine community. In supplement form, whey protein comes in three main forms:

  1. Whey Protein Concentrate: Contains some fat and lactose and between 29% – 89% protein depending on the specific product. Whey protein concentrates often have more bioactive compounds.
  2. Whey Protein Isolates: Contains minimal fat, cholesterol and lactose and 90% or more protein.
  3. Whey Protein Hydrolysates: Are often used in clinical nutrition applications because they are predigested and partially broken and therefore easier to absorb.

Whey protein has the highest protein digestibility corrected amino acid score (PDCAA) – a measure of both how well a protein is digested and how well it supplies the amino acids needed by an individual. It contains more branched chain amino acids (BCAA) than any other source of protein.


  • Use a food journal and write down everything you eat. Studies show that people who log their food intake every day are more likely to lose weight than those who do not.
  • Seek the advice of a sports/fitness nutrition expert who has the education (a degree in nutrition or nutrition biochemistry) and experience in nutrition to help you.
  • Check the forums and the transformations for information on how others have dropped fat pounds.
  • If you are having problems losing weight yet you feel you are doing everything right, talk to your physician. Low levels of certain hormones, hypothyroidism and other conditions can make weight loss more difficult




Major depression is different than “the blues,” and it certainly is not a sign of weakness. The exact cause is unknown, but it is most likely caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Common symptoms of depression include: .

Common symptoms of depression include:

• Intense  feelings of sadness

• Loss of interest in usual activities

• Feelings of guilt or hopelessness

• Loss of energy

• Poor concentration

• Increased or decreased appetite

• Moving more quickly or slowly than normal

• Loss of self-esteem

• Difficulty falling or staying asleep or sleeping too much

• Thoughts of death or wanting to hurt yourself

If you think that you are experiencing depression, it is important that you visit your health care provider as soon as possible. In order to make a diagnosis, he/she may:

• Ask more questions

• Do a physical exam

• Order blood tests

• Refer you to a mental health specialist


If you are diagnosed with depression, one or more of the following modes of treatment may be recommended:

• Medication—Several types of antidepressant medications are available. Only your health care provider can determine which medications, if any, are right for you. It is important to take these as directed, report any side effects, and do not take medication prescribed for another person.

• Psychotherapy (counseling)—Research has shown that psychotherapy is a key component in the treatment of depression and often works better when combined with medication therapy.

• Exercise—Did you know that several studies have shown that exercise is often more effective than medication in treating depression? This is helpful for depression because it stimulates the release of brain chemicals that improve your mood. While your doctor may also prescribe medications, committing to an activity program will kick start your recovery.


An important part of overcoming depression is to take good care of yourself mentally AND physically:

• Set realistic  goals for yourself.

• Break large tasks up into smaller ones.

• Try  to spend time with others. Avoid isolation.

• Talk about your feelings with a loved one.

• Eat a healthy diet  with plenty of fruits, vegetables, lean meats, whole grains, and water. Avoid junk food in excess.

• Begin and maintain a regular exercise  program.

The Christmas Bulge

‘Tis the season once again where you spend most of the time with family and loved ones. Whether you’re going to get-togethers, travelling with them, or just staying at home, chances are, there will never be a moment that you will miss and indulge the sinful creations of Carbs and Calories. Yes indeed, the so-called “Christmas Bulge” or “Big Belly” is always present in us mostly this Christmas and it’s been our problem every single time. So what are we suppose to do? Well for one, we need to have a physical activity wherein it should pump up your heart rate than the normal. Your goal now should focus on the “Outake” and since doing laps in a pool is not a good idea due to the cold weather, A jog for 30-45 minutes, Boxing for an hour, Lifting some weights and doing circuit or cross-training is a great way to lose that bulge of yours. Having an increased physical activity is better than having none at all. This is the key so you won’t have the guilty feeling again when you enjoy or celebrate the holidays. Season’s Greetings to all!!!

Hooked up in “Game of Thrones”


“All Men Must Die!”

One of the many captions in this great american fantasy drama television this year, Game of Thrones is now on it’s Fourth season and is a much anticipated series to watch on HBO this summer.

Gone were the days of mermaids and snakes that are too redundant to see in your screens, This by far I recommend. At first, I thought it is just the same with “The Lord Of The Rings” and “The Gladiator”, but there is more to what I had expected. A lot of twists and conspiracies in the story, Game of Thrones revolves in a kingdom where people are full of betrayal, revenge, greed and lust. But there are others who have honor, loyalty, respect and love. Another reason to just stay at home and getting glued in your flat screens instead of beating yourself outside in the heated sun. A must-see though you should watch the first 3 seasons (if you are a newbie) for you to relate and appreciate it’s epic “FANTASERYE” as we say.